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We are trend-setters, not followers.

BULLMANN® is dedicated in the design, manufacture and distribution of stylish furniture for  its own brands. A success story marked by craftsmanship and experimentation with fine materials. Founded in 2020, BULLMANN® has already established itself as one of the premier CG industry-based companies worldwide.

The BULLMANN® collections are the result of meticulous production processes: the attention to detail and craftsmanship enhance creativity, elegance and design, always balancing traditional expertise and innovation.

A journey through the creation of furniture with excellent workmanship that at every stage, from the conception, to the production of the prototype and the creation of the final item, exalts the values of BULLMANN®.

Our aim is to offer versatile furniture devised with painstaking care for details, capable of accommodating various market requirements thanks to 3 adaptable and cross-contaminating brands that create a variety of solutions in terms of style and budget. The simplicity of having a single reference person is what quickly enabled the Group to become an international success over the years.

The product range includes beds, sofas, boxspring beds, bedside furniture, spa boxes and more.

BULLMANN® products are currently exported to more than 16 countries, offering various combinations of design, size, color and other personalized features.

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