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“Be the first, be unique, be different”.

This philosophy has enabled BULLMANN to gain a remarkable reputation for excellent design in the space of just a few years in the fiercely competitive furniture market.

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Surprise, innovate and reinvent have been part of BULLMANN`s vocabulary since it was founded!

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BULLMANN is driven by this inexhaustible source of inspiration. In all its creations, it is distinguished by a personal style, which is daring yet sophisticated.

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3D Product Design

Our 3D designers’ team passionately works towards the development of unique, unrepeated shapes and patterns, appealing even to the most exquisite taste. BULLMANN offers genuine masterpieces of furniture Design, not only by its own Designteam but also through collaboration with international rewarded top-quality designers who help us come forward with more than 200 new designs every year.

Visual Concept Support

A strong business relatonship requires going beyond intuition and experience, and supporting the ideas of our business partners and retailers with visual concepts, promotional materials and providing professional graphic design & product image services.

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